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Our Services

Fat Dissolve injections. Butt Filler BBL Injections. Laser Lipo. Lose Fat without surgery. New Orleans MedSpa. Health Spa. Body Contouring. Coolsculpting. Wood Therapy. Sauna Detox.
Get   FREE   360   Laser   Lipo   with   Liquid BBL

How does Body Contouring Work?

Body Contouring greatly promotes fat and inch loss.
The compounds of a fat cell, which are water, glycerol, fatty acids are expelled from the fat cell. They are then emptied into lymph system and expel outside the body by way of the urine, breath and excretion. It frees the liver up to metabolize and use fat as energy. We aid that process by way of our treatments.

Fat dissolving injections are not suitable if you:

  • Have diabetes, liver or kidney disease.

  • Are Pregnant or Nursing.

  • Have active skin problems in the area to be treated.

  • Are taking blood thinning medicine 

We provide non invasive body contouring treatments such as fat dissolve injections (needle free) Lipo Dissolve injections, Butt Fillers, Liquid BBL But Fillers, Laser Lipo, Wood Therapy, Lymphatic Massages, Silk Belly Blast, Fat Burner products, butt enhancement creams and oils and so much more.

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