How many treatments of body contouring should you have?

Updated: 4 days ago

Our treatments are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective. We recommend 6-8 treatments for the face and neck, and 10-12 treatments for the body, spaced one week apart to reveal optimal results. A Maintenance treatments every 4 months will assist with maintaining your results.

Introducing Silk Curves Body Contouring, the revolutionary new way to achieve the perfect body. With just a few treatments, you can enjoy stunning results that last.

Silk Curves uses cutting-edge technology to target problem areas and help contour your body. The treatments are quick, comfortable, and very effective. You'll see a noticeable difference after just a few sessions.

Whether you want to lose a few inches around your waist or get rid of cellulite on your thighs, Silk Curves can help. Our skilled therapists will tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs, so you can finally achieve the body of your dreams.

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