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Fat Dissolve (2Vials)with Nurse

  • 30 minutes
  • 240 US dollars
  • Lake Forest Boulevard

Service Description

This is for 2 Vials (Not for 2 Sessions) The 2 Vials are for clients who are over 210 pounds and who may need more product per 1 session. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, naturally found in our body, which breaks down and absorb fats in our diets. Fat Dissolve, is a commercially available injectable deoxycholic acid, is a nonsurgical, FDA approved injection used for contouring and improving the appearance of submental fullness. This is not a skin tighter, this is only a fat dissolver. Skin Tightening will have to be booked separately. Using deoxycholic acid, it has been approved by the FDA to treat excessive fat. Results are seen after just a few treatments, making Fat Dissolve an excellent option for those who don’t have time for extensive or complicated procedure can be used on both men and women to safely target stubborn pockets of fat in areas such as the sides of hips, stomach, love handles and bra roll area without damaging other cells or tissue. With Silk Curves Body Contouring’s expert team, you can receive customized injection treatments for lasting results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful! Fat Dissolve works to progressively breakdown and absorb excess fat tissue. Now say goodbye to the frustration of having stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. We will administer injections in those targeted areas such as the sides of the hips, the belly, love handles, and even under the bra roll area to give you an overall improved and smooth silhouette from top to bottom. With Silk Curves Body Contouring, look your best and feel great every single day. How long will it last? The fat removal results of the treatment will last a lifetime. Individual results will vary. You will be able to get a maximum of 6 injections that are spaced 7 days apart. HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? When addressing the abdomen we would expect to perform 4-6 procedures, results beginning to become noticeable after 2-3 sessions. After these treatments, permanent results can be enjoyed. The number of sessions required would depend on how much fat tissue is present. Pairing it with Ultrasound Cavitation Therapy. This helps to speed up your results and optimize the impact of your treatment in less time - meaning you'll enjoy visible changes. Only 1 area per session You will see the full results after 6 weeks.

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: Thank You so much for choosing Silk Curves! Reminder: 15 minutes late is considered to be a "No Show" - Please call and reschedule for a different day and time if you will be 15 minutes late. Inform our office of any cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel the same day, your deposit is lost and you have to repay another deposit to hold a different appointment day and time. When your order is submitted, you are agreeing to the above mentioned cancellation terms.

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