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Fribrosis Treatment & Lymphatic Post Op

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 199 US dollars
  • Lake Forest Boulevard

Service Description

Fibrosis can be painful and uncomfortable. That's where we come in to help. We use mesotherapy, serums, heat therapy, lymphatic massage, Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo healing oils to help your body to release fibrosis, tightness, soreness and hardness. Fibrosis means the thickening or scarring of tissue. In cosmetic fat removal, fibrosis after liposuction refers to the formation of fibrous tissue in the treated area. Fibrosis is a natural healing process that occurs in response to tissue damage. In the case of liposuction, fibrosis may occur due to the trauma caused to the underlying tissues during the procedure. The formation of fibrous tissue can lead to contour irregularities in the skin surface, Causes of Fibrosis after Lipo Fibrosis after liposuction may occur due to several factors, including: Trauma to the underlying tissues during the procedure Overaggressive liposuction that removes too much fat and disrupts the blood supply to the area Inadequate compression garments that do not provide enough support to the treated area Infection or inflammation in the treated area. The symptoms of fibrosis after liposuction may vary depending on the severity of the condition. Some common symptoms include: Lumpy or bumpy liposuction results in the treated area Kinks or uneven ripples in the skin surface Hardening of the skin or tissue Pain or discomfort in the treated area Limited mobility in the affected area Our specialized treatment specifically for Fibrosis will help you to get back to feeling like yourself again. Book Today!

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: Thank You so much for choosing Silk Curves! Reminder: 15 minutes late is considered to be a "No Show" - Please call and reschedule for a different day and time if you will be 15 minutes late. Inform our office of any cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel the same day, your deposit is lost and you have to repay another deposit to hold a different appointment day and time. When your order is submitted, you are agreeing to the above mentioned cancellation terms.

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