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Butt Vacuum Therapy

Don't like the shots or surgery? Get that bigger and more shapely butt with Butt Vacuum Therapy. We add wood therapy and massages to help the process along and move the fat to the buttocks area.

Some clients see a difference even after the 1st session so imagine the results when you continue at least 12 sessions.

 It is a technique inspired by a centuries-old Asian tradition called cupping therapy, creating a pressure capable of sucking the skin. Although far from the purpose it serves today, the Chinese had already understood at the time the benefits of such a technique for the skin and muscles. Today, the main effect sought by the vacuum therapy butt lift is to reshape the buttocks into a more beautiful silhouette. There is no downtime or pain involved with your sessions. Results will vary with each client.

Bood your butt enhancement session with Silk Curves today. We are located in New Orleans.

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