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What is Colombian Wood Therapy?

It is an ancient therapy that use specialized wood tools specifically made for the body. The wood tools are used to firm, reshape and tighten the skin. It is helpful in removing cellulite.

The wood tools will help to break up fat cells and cause them to release it's contents to be moved to the lymphatic system or to other parts of the body such as the butt.

Wood Therapy will also speed up your metabolism, eliminate toxins in your body, stimulate good blood circulation.

It will loosen tight muscles and cause them to relax, it can also redice pain in neck, back and shoulders.

When a client is getting wood therapy, we also combine intermittent massages to aid with the break down of fat. We also use an all natural vitamin rich oil that is very healthy for your skin.

The Wood Therapy is very relaxing and it removes stress from the body.

Book your appointment and get the many benefits of wood therapy at our studio.​

Enjoy the stress relieving qualities and the body contouring benefits of wood therapy and our New Orleans Studio.

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