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Belly is shrinking

Belly is shrinking

Our client's belly is shrinking away due to using the Silk Deluxe Contouring sessions.

Let us help you lose inches & fat

Let us help you lose inches & fat

Concentration of inch and fat loss is in the belly and back. After only a few sessions, look at the improvement.

Advanced But Vacuum & Liquid BBL Serum

Advanced But Vacuum & Liquid BBL Serum

Client received the Advanced Butt Vacuum and is getting plumper with each session.

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat

This client used our Silk Deluxe Contouring service. The client received 4 sessions upon getting these results.

Melting Back Fat

Melting Back Fat

Back fat melted away by using Body Contouring services in New Orleans Spa.

Fat Dissolve Injections

Fat Dissolve Injections

Less belly bulge, flat belly, trimmer waist. Using FDA Approved Fat Dissolve Injections in New Orleans Med Spa.

Liquid BBL & Butt Vacuum

Liquid BBL & Butt Vacuum

Needle Free BBL Serum to fill out, lift and get a plumper butt


Silk Curves Body Contouring offers many non invasive body contouring services in the New Orleans East Area. We are at the corner of Read Blvd. and Lake Forest Blvd. in a secured Professional Office Building with security.

Our services are aimed at reducing inches and contouring the shape of the body. Some our our services require more than 4 sessions, but some of our clients see a difference after only 1 session.

Our services are as follows:

1. Ultrasonic Cavitation for disrupting fat cells

2. Vacuum Therapy for draining fat cells

3. RF Skin Therapy for skin tightening

4. Laser Lipo for cause drainage of the fat cells

5. EMSculpt for tightening muscles, firming skin, fat and inch loss

6. Wood Therapy for facilitating drainage of fat cells and firming skin along with relation of muscles.

7. Lymphatic Massages for Post Op drainage into the Lymphatic system and extra fluid in the body. Creates a healthier environment within the body.

8. Mesotherapy for administering serums that help with fat loss, butt plumping and more.

9. Butt Vacuum Therapy for plumping of the butt and increasing the size of the butt.

10. Fat Dissolve Injections for destroying the fat cells which will bring inch and fat loss.

11.Skin Tightening that will help to tighten areas from weight loss, pregnancy and age.

12. Sculpt Ice which breaks down adipose fat under the skin and decreases the circumference.

13. Cellulite Treatment - Eliminate the dimpled look that cellulite produces.


We offer a variety of services that are sure to give you excellent results.


Our services give the best results with consistency and commitment.

Book an appointment with us today and experience New Orleans Body Contouring Spa at Silk Curves. 

New Orleans Health & Wellness Spa by Silk Curves Body Contouring promotes body wellness thru non invasive body sculpting, detoxification, fat loss, weight loss and medical weight loss treatments. We also provide teeth whitening and feet detox. Full body Lymphatic massages for the good wellbeing of your inner being. Sauna Detox Blanket to promote full body detoxification and wellness. Visit our Spa today and enjoy feeling better and looking better.

New Orleans Body Contouring
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Simple Plans

Need time to pay? Easy payment plans are available with no credit check and no interest.

Personalized Sessions

Silk Curves Body Contouring will help to create a treatment plan personalized just for you to help you reach your goals.

Quality Client Care

Silk Curves Body Contouring will listen to your concerns, goals and expectations and strive to work with you to achieve them.

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