If you have any of the following conditions you are not able to receive Cavitation services that require the use of our machines or laser lipo

Cavitation Contraindications:

-Seizure disorder -Diabetes Mellitus I & II -Autoimmune Disorders/ Immunodeficiency disorder -Malignancy less than 5 years or not in remission -Age younger than 18 years old -Implanted electronic devices (TENS Unit- pain management, prostheses, pacemakers etc.) -Chronic skin disorder (cancer, Psoriasis, Lupus etc.) -Pregnancy/Breast feeding -Liver/Kidney disease -Current Chemo/Radiation therapy -Unstable thyroid disorders -Uncontrolled hypertension , congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy , or cardiac arrhythmia -Sensitivity to light wavelength 650-660 nm- any type of pacemaker, implants (hip or metal in the body)