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Introducing the Silk Curves Body Contouring system—the future of body shaping and safe fat loss. Our innovative treatments were created with the ambitions and health goals of women in mind. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency when it comes to reducing stubborn fat and reshaping your body’s curves, leaving you feeling more confident than ever.

Designed to combat obesity, our solution uses a combination of innovative technologies which work together in harmony to safely melt away excess fat cells while remaining non-invasive, totally painless, and requiring no recovery time. Feel fully energized and improve your overall satisfaction as our patented formula helps reduce BMI (body mass index) while firming up skin texture. You can now achieve the perfect shape with no side effects!

The Silk Curves system doesn't just represent the future of weight loss—it also represents an opportunity for a healthier lifestyle. Excessive fat can lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and fatty liver disease. With no surgery or medications required for use, you can look forward to seeing measurable results in just a few weeks—so there's never been an easier way to get rid of excess fat without any risk!

Make this year about discovering your true potential both inside and out with Silk Curves Body Contouring!

 Ms. C is a certified professional who has been trained by some of the best in her field, including medically-trained instructors and accredited schools. She is committed to providing her clients with the best possible results and has years of experience.


She is constantly updating her knowledge to ensure that she is providing the most effective treatments possible that will give her clients good results.


She is thoroughly educated about non invasive body contouring treatments and is able to answer any questions or concerns that her clients may have.


Ms. C's credits includes:

1. Advanced Butt Cupping

2. Mesotherapy

3. Advanced Body Contouring Techniques

4. Lymphatic Drainage Training

5. Hyaluron Pen Training

6. Yesotherapy Wrapping

7. Colombian Wood Therapy Techniques

8. Sauna & Body Wrap Treatments

9. Advanced Anti-Cellulite Treatments

10. G5 Massage Techniques

11. Teeth Whitening

12. Body Ice Sculpting

13. Fat Dissolve Therapy

14. Brazilian Detox Massage


Her professionalism and commitment to her clients are second to none, and she always puts their needs first.

Schedule a consultation today to see what Silk Curves Body Contouring Studio can do for you!

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