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New Orleans wound care, lymphedema treatment, fat dissolve injections, new orleans nurse practitioner

Nurse Practitioner, Leachel Cook McMillan
 Leachel Cook administers our Fat Dissolve Injections. She is highly qualified for this service and will answer any questions you may have.

Leachell has been providing high-quality care to patients and communities for over 3 decades.  At the young age of 15, she recognized her passion to care for others and began training as a certified nurse assistant in her local high school in New Orleans, La.  Immediately after graduating high school, she began her professional training as a Registered Nurse and later graduated from the University of Mobile with an Associate’s Degree in nursing. She was recognized by several leaders in nursing as a skilled, compassionate, and highly talented Registered Nurse and was encouraged by those leaders to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree through Phoenix University and later a Master’s of Science Degree in Nursing through Simmons University.  Additionally, in 2014 Leachel Cook McMillan earned specialty certifications in both wound and ostomy care through the national certification board Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse Society. In 2017, she became certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  She also continues to hold a certification in clinical Case Management through the national certification board, Commission for Case Manager since 2011.  Leachel Cook McMillan considers the gold standard approach to the exceptional delivery of care as care that focuses on the “whole client.”  This care takes into consideration the client as a person, family unit, and community.

Leachell McMillian

Looking for a professional and certified body contouring specialist? Look no further than Silk Curves Body Contouring Studio. Ms. C is a certified professional who has been trained by some of the best in her field, including medically-trained instructors and accredited schools. She is committed to providing her clients with the best possible results and has years of experience.


She is constantly updating her knowledge to ensure that she is providing the most effective treatments possible that will give her clients good results.


She is thoroughly educated about non invasive body contouring treatments and is able to answer any questions or concerns that her clients may have.


Ms. C's credits includes:

1. Advanced Butt Cupping

2. Mesotherapy

3. Advanced Body Contouring Techniques

4. Lymphatic Drainage Training

5. Hyaluron Pen Training

6. Yesotherapy Wrapping

7. Colombian Wood Therapy Techniques

8. Sauna & Body Wrap Treatments

9. Advanced Anti-Cellulite Treatments

10. G5 Massage Techniques

11. Teeth Whitening

12. Body Ice Sculpting


Her professionalism and commitment to her clients are second to none, and she always puts their needs first.

Schedule a consultation today to see what Silk Curves Body Contouring Studio can do for you!

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